X2 Movie (2003)

X2 Movie (2003)

X2 (X-Men United) Movie Plot

So guys, just to inform you that X2 released on 1st May 2003. Please take a look at all the updates and the trailers about the movie X2 on this page along with some really cool videos that are shared by fans like us from all over the world.

X2 Movie Youtube

Star Cast of X2

  • Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Logan
  • Ian McKellen as Magneto or Eric Lensherr
  • Halle Berry as Storm or Ororo Munroe
  • Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
  • James Marsden as Cyclops or Scott Summers
  • Anna Paquin as Rogue or Marie
  • Rebecca Romijn as Mystique or Raven Darkholme
  • Brian Cox as William Strykar
  • Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler or Kurt Wagner
  • Bruce Davison as Senator Kenny
  • Aaron Stanford as Pyro or John Allerdyce
  • Shawn Ashmore as Iceman pr Bobby Drake
  • Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike or Yuriko Oyama
  • Katie Stuart as Shadowcat or Kitty Pryde

Story of X2:

The movie X2 is also popularly known as the X-Men 2 or the X2: X-Men United. It is an American superhero movie based on the X-Men superhero comics that were originally published in Marvel Comics.

The story of the movie goes like this:

After the X-Men defeated Magneto and imprisoned him in a plastic chamber, several months have gone by. One fine day, a mutant by the name of Nightcrawler infiltrates into the White House and tries to assassinate the President of US. This sets of a chain reaction for all the anti mutant measures undertaken by the government. In the meanwhile, Logan is trying to find out about his past. A scientist by the name of William Strykar suddenly discovers the secret school run by Professor Xavier. Cerebro, Magneto’s partner, Mystique is now trying to break the prison to bring Magneto out. Professor X ‘s school gets attacked by the forces of Strykar and few lucky mutants are able to escape that includes Logan, Iceman and Rogue. Those who remain in the school form an alliance with Magneto to stop Strykar and rescue professor X.

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